Sensometrics in short

Sensometrics is the scientific area that applies mathematical and statistical methods to problems from sensory and consumer science.

The main aims of the Sensometrics conferences are:

  • to increase the awareness of the special methodologies and statistical methods used in analysis of sensory and consumer science data,
  • to improve the communication and co-operation between persons interested in the scientific principles, methods and applications of sensometrics,
  • to serve as an interdisciplinary meeting to disseminate scientific knowledge on the field of sensometrics.

Previous meetings

  • 2010Rotterdam, The Netherlands - past ] present [ future
  • 2008St. Catharines, Canada - Discover a new World of data
  • 2006Ås, Norway - Imagine the senses
  • 2004Davis, USA - Seventh Sensometrics
  • 2002Dortmund, Germany - The sixth sense
  • 2000Columbia, Missouri - Fifth Sensometrics
  • 1998Copenhagen, Denmark - Fourth Sensometrics
  • 1996Nantes, France - Third Sensometrics
  • 1994Edinburgh, United Kingdom - Different viewpoints
  • 1992Leiden, The Netherlands - Homogeneity or heterogeneity