Tutorials scope

Tutorial proposals are closed!

Proposed tutorials should be comprehensive, informative, and appealing to the Sensometrics attendees. Each tutorial will be 3h long and will take place in a standard room (unless a computer room is needed).

We can accomodate up to 16 tutorials on a "first in, first served" rule, but we allow ourselves the right not to select a tutorial if the topic is considered to be too far from sensometrics concerns.

Participants will pay 50 Euros per tutorial including lunch. Tutorial instructors will not receive any financial aid but will be invited for diner the 10th July (accompanied person included).

List of tutorials

Morning (09:00-12:30)


Introduction to Bayesian Belief Networks and their applications in the field of marketing science L. Jouffe
Temporal data (Time intensity, Sequential Profiling, TDS and TOS) C. Findlay and J. Castura
Hands on Analysis of Sensory data with SensoMineR and R Agrocampus
Equivalence tests M. Meyners

Afternoon (14:00-17:30)


TimeSens: a web software for TDS and more in and out of the lab P. Schlich and M. Visalli
Ideal Profil Method T. Worch and P. Punter

An Introduction to Graph Theoretic Tools for Sensory and Consumer Scientists

J.M. Ennis and B. Rousseau
Sorting and Napping C. Stein